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Thank you for visiting our website.
Thanks to your patronage, we have been producing sensor faucets through our sophisticated technology for over 30 years.

Sensor faucets are now getting in great demand for infection control in many places and opportunities.
So, we have to change our purchasing, producing and designing processes to meet these demands in more timely manner.
We’ll continue our operation more effectively so that more and more customers can use our products.

Demands and requirements for sensor faucets have been diversified recently.
We’ll improve each steps and offer best suggestion to every customer.
Our company also contribute to solving social problem like water conservation through our products.
We do hope you will give us further patronage in the future.
Thank you.
Tsuchiya Tomohiro

About Us

DELMANDELMAN Sensor Faucets section

In this section, we have been producing our own brand DELMAN Sensor Faucets.
Demands of sensor faucets are getting higher because of its helpfulness, water-saving function, and public health.As a professional manufacturer, we offer a variety kind of sensor faucets which can meet any kind of demands.

DELMAN section

OEMOEM section

OEM products consist of many kind of variation from medical use to aircraft lavatory, technology of which is based on our own brand DELMAN Sensor Faucets.
Our organization is composed by development, procurement, production, and quality control divisions. Each of them strives to meet customer’s demands through consistent operations.
Although development section is good at electronics technology of water control, we can offer other kinds of products such as aircraft facilities and residential appliances.

OEM section

Inquiries about products

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Reception time … 8:30~17:00(weekdays) FAX:+81-267-62-4626